Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Where the Rockwells came from

In 1800 Marick Rockwell was born in Connecticut, his parents were Joab Rockwell and Elizabeth Sprague. He later moved to New York state and then to Ohio, living in both Cuyahoga and Medina Counties. On March 16, 1824 he married Margaret Johnston daughter of Edward Johnston and Margaret Timmons. They had six children between 1825 and 1842. In 1855 the family moved to Michigan, living in Shiawasse County close to the Clinton County line. Marick died October 14, 1871.
I have much more information and am willing to share what I have.


At 11:57 PM, Blogger Len J said...

The first school teacher of Elsie around 1855, was Eleanor Rockwell, one of four Rockwell children of Marick & Margret Johnston Rockwell which come up from Hinkley, OH. The 4 children were Eleanor,Andrew,Martha & Maryette.


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